Bosu Ball Exercise Routines

Bosu balls are perfect for any level of exercise.
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The Bosu ball is a half stability ball with a flat, hard, rubber surface on one side. According to the American Council on Exercise, the term “Bosu” stands for “both sides utilized" meaning that exercisers can use either the dome side or the platform side to do various exercises. It is an effective tool that focuses on balance and abdominal training, and it can also be used for a total body workout. Bosu balls can be used at any level, from beginner to advanced.


The squat is one of the best exercises to start with on the Bosu ball to get you accustomed to the balance required to use it. To perform a squat, stand on the flat side of the ball. Slowly lower yourself into a squat, while keeping your chest up. The Bosu will wobble, but keep good form and slowly return to the start.


Crunches are more effective when done on a Bosu because of the extension that is allowed during the move. To perform a crunch, lie on the round side of Bosu with the lower back fully supported on the ball. Your butt should be almost on the floor. Place hands behind the head and slowly lift your chest towards the ceiling. Slowly yourself lower yourself down while keeping your core drawn in.


Push-ups are the most modifiable move you can do on the Bosu. To do a traditional push-up, place hands on the flat side of the Bosu, about shoulder width apart. Get into plank position, and slowly lower your chest down toward the ball. The push-up maybe modified by using the other side of the ball and having one hand on the ball and one on the floor. You may also use two Bosu balls at the same time, one hand on each ball.

Back Crunch

The back crunch targets the lower back. Begin with your stomach and chest on the round side of the ball. Your legs should be fully extended behind you. Place hands behind your head and slowly bring your shoulders towards the ceiling. Slowly lower yourself toward the ground and repeat the move. If you move slightly during the exercise, do it while your feet are touching a wall to keep your body in place.

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