The Most Boring Work Places

Working retail in a clothing store can be boring.
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Most people don't grow up dreaming about sitting in their cubicle, beating their head against the desk and crying because they're so bored they don't know how they'll survive another minute. But sadly, some work places seem to inspire just those types of reactions. Whether you're thinking about getting a new job or are just curious about other people's lives, there are a few work places that are notoriously boring and you might want to avoid.

Assembly Lines

    Working in any kind of manufacturing assembly line is, by definition, likely to be boring. All day, every day, you'll just stand there and assemble the same pieces over and over and over. Sometimes these jobs are replaced by robots, but many can't because there's a degree of quality inspection involved, like making sure items are stacked correctly inside a box. The jobs vary, from straightening rows of chips to putting stickers on fruit, but they all can end up being pretty tedious after awhile.

Software Customer Service

    A business where software engineers tend to spend most of their time working on trouble tickets and feature requests can become mind-numbing after awhile. One person who worked on such a job posted on that he thought he was going to develop software, but ended up just answering help tickets all day instead. The result was that the job became a revolving door with people leaving as soon as they realized just how boring the work was. Another person in a similar job said that he left because his future was just going to be sleeping at his desk.


    Although jobs working in security may sound like fun, many jobs that involve working as a security guard overnight can end up being boring. The job consists of sitting in a security room and watching security cameras for hours on end. The pictures never change and nothing ever happens. Occasionally something exciting might occur that shakes things up, but that's not the norm. Jobs where security guards have to patrol the property can be more interesting, but the workplaces that involve just sitting in a room filled with security screens can become tedious.

Retail Clothing Stores

    Working as a sales associate in a retail clothing store can be a repetitious, dull job for many people. One contributor on wrote that it was boring because he just folded clothes for hours and hours and had to greet customers with the same greeting every time. The jobs may not have much room for growth, which also leads to the boredom. Another sales associate wrote on her blog that part of the tedium also comes from listening to the same loop of songs for hours on end. By the end of the day, workers tend to stare at the clock almost nonstop, willing it to reach the end of their shift.

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