Booty-Lifting Exercises

Work your glutes by hiking uphill outdoors.
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With regular exercise, you can achieve a tighter and more toned booty after several weeks of focused training. Exercises that work the glutes not only keep them looking firm and lifted, they also help you run, walk, jump and stand. For the best results and to avoid injury, always use proper exercise form, and consult a doctor if you're new to fitness training or before you begin a particular exercise routine.

Types of Booty-Lifting Exercises

The booty is composed of the gluteus muscle group, commonly called the glutes. Many exercises that use the legs also use the glutes -- and can result in a tighter, higher booty. These exercises include squats, lunges, deadlifts, leg lifts, leg presses and the bridge. With every exercise, focus on using the glutes to power your legs' movement. For example, when squatting and lunging, you can easily target the glutes by pushing up through the heel and squeezing your booty at the top of the motion with every repetition. When practiced over time, these exercise lift and firm the booty.

Exercise Form

All exercises require the use of proper form, and booty-lifting moves are no exception. You can minimize your risk of injury by never letting your knees extend in front of your toes when bending your legs. Also, keep your ankles, knees and hips on one plane. If your knees buckle inward when you bend your knees, you are holding too much weight. If you are using free weights for exercises such as squats, lunges and deadlifts, keep your chest raised and brace your spine by tightening your abdominal muscles. This works your core muscles at the same time you are working your glutes. Don't overdo. The American Council on Exercise states that strength training is most effective when done on alternate days.

Types of Training

You can lift your glutes while training for size, toning or strength or a combination of each. Performing more repetitions while using light weights increases endurance but not size. If you want a larger, firmer booty, hold heavier weights, do multiple sets and rest for 90 seconds or more between sets, according to exercise physiologist Joe Cannon. If you're new to fitness training, avoid lifting heavy weights initially. Recovery from a muscle strain or tear can take several weeks or more. ACE recommends testing your strength by doing one set of 12 lunges; if you don't feel a burning sensation in your glutes, add weight.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Don't overlook the booty-lifting effects of cardiovascular exercise once you've mastered machine presses, deadlifts, squats and other booty-lifting exercises. The treadmill and step mill each lifts the glutes effectively while also shedding pounds, improving mood and enhancing longevity. On the treadmill, increase the upward incline to increase the workload on your glutes. On the step mill, put your leg through its entire range of motion for maximum results. Although ACE does not recommend performing resistance exercise every day, daily aerobic exercise is not only healthy, it's encouraged.

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