How to Get Bonded for a Job

Offer your potential employers insurance with a fidelity bond.

Offer your potential employers insurance with a fidelity bond.

Before an employer hires an employee, he wants to know that his assets are protected. This is especially true if the job involves financial transactions. As a means to protect the company's assets, the employer commonly requires a fidelity bond as a prerequisite to employment. This bond is a type of insurance policy that protects his company from financial loss. Though each insurance company is different, the protocol for getting bonded for a job has little variance.

Secure a letter from the employer stating his intentions to hire you. The letter should include your name, contact information, job description and the required bond amount. Fidelity bonds are offered in $5,000 increments up to $25,000 per bond.

Contact an insurance company that offers fidelity bonds. This bond is also referred to as employee dishonesty insurance, employee theft insurance or crime coverage insurance. Present the insurer with a copy of the “intent to hire” letter received from your employer.

Consent to a criminal background check and credit check. You must pass both investigative reports to be approved for bonding.

Pay the required premium to activate your bond. The premium varies by insurance company and is generally based on your total amount of coverage.

Wait for the issuance of your bond. The bond company mails your bond determination letter directly to your employer as proof of coverage.

Contact your local unemployment office if you are denied a bond, based on your credit or your inability to pay. Under the Federal Bonding Program, the government will pay for your bond during your first six months of employment. To participate in the program, call 877-872-5627.

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