A Body Workout Plan for Women Losing Weight

A workout plan that includes your entire body is optimal for weight-loss success.
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To shed extra pounds, a full-body workout plan is your best bet. Such a workout allows you to lose weight more efficiently and improve your overall health. Full-body workout plans can also help you gain strength and improve your conditioning for sports. Always exercise with proper supervision, and consult a physician before beginning any workout plan for weight loss to avoid injuries.

Importance of Weight Loss

At any given time, you can probably think of a friend, family member or acquaintance who is trying to lose weight. Given the popularity of diet plans, you may wonder what the big deal is. After all, losing tends to be looked at with disdain in most other contexts, so why would it be beneficial when it comes to weight? Simply put, weight loss may help you live a longer life. Being overweight increases your risk of conditions such as stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and liver and heart diseases. Obesity can also prompt infertility or an altered menstrual cycle.

Full Body

Any weight-loss plan that helps you slim down is a successful one. But success can also be measured in degrees. Whole-body workout plans allow you to draw upon a more diverse array of compound exercises, which are more intense than programs that focus on one body part, and can promote superior calorie burning. You'll also be able to exercise more frequently, as you can split your plan into workouts that focus on one or two muscle groups each and rotate through to give other muscle groups a rest.

Upper Body

Not all upper-body exercises are ideal for workout plans; isolation exercises such as biceps curls aren't particularly demanding in terms of calorie expenditure. Instead, focus on exercises such as the military press, bench press, clean and press and barbell row. These compound exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously and thus burn more calories. They will be more valuable as part of your weight-loss plan, which will depend on creating a consistent caloric deficit.

Lower Body

Focusing only on upper-body exercises is less efficient than employing a total-body weight-loss plan, as your legs contain some of the largest muscles in your body. These large muscles require more calories to work, so exercising them is ideal for weight-loss plans. Among the most efficient calorie-burning exercises are the squat, deadlift, dumbbell lunge and barbell stepup. These exercises require a number of leg muscles to work in conjunction, maximizing calorie burn.

Cardio Exercises

If you want to ensure that you work your entire body, don't ignore your heart and lungs. Performing cardiovascular exercise can help improve your endurance and keep your heart healthy in addition to burning calories. Exercises such as swimming, rowing and cross-country skiing will provide an effective cardio workout and challenge the muscles across your entire body.

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