Does Biking Make Your Butt Bigger or Smaller?

Biking can help you get a better-looking booty.
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Biking regularly can help you lose weight and tone the muscles in your lower body, helping you reshape your booty and legs. Even though your butt might become slimmer or look more toned, biking doesn't actually make your butt bigger or smaller; it simply changes the appearance. Use biking to blast fat, and include some strength training to lift your booty for a better rear view.

Lose Fat by Biking

    If the thought of attending one more aerobics class at the health club makes you want to hide under the covers, you might be dealing with a little exercise boredom. Lace up your shoes, put on your biking helmet and go out to enjoy the fresh air, scenery and exercise. You can burn approximately 500 calories per hour while riding your bike, which can help you shrink the size of a tush that's gotten too big.

Interval Training

    The addition of interval training into your cycling sessions can help you blast fat, burn calories and really exert those glute and leg muscles. Alternate four minutes of biking at your regular pace with one full minute of cycling vigorously. You can also add a few uphill climbs into your workout in place of pedaling faster. Interval training can help you shave 10 to 15 minutes off your one-hour workout while maintaining the same calorie burn.

Add Strength Training

    Even though biking engages the butt muscles, you should still do strength training exercises two to three times per week. Exercises such as squats, donkey kicks and lunges will help you lift and build the muscles for a shapelier, more attractive derriere. Balance out your lower-body exercises with some upper-body moves, such as arm raises, chest presses, biceps curls and dumbbell rows to look lean and toned all over.

Keep in Mind

    No matter what your fitness goals are -- whether you want to lose the jiggly tush or build a shapelier bottom -- always give your body time to rest. Put your bike in the garage at least one day per week and let your body recover from the exertion. Schedule strength-training sessions 24 hours apart to let your muscles rest and repair themselves. Use your rest day to relax or, if you must exercise, take a leisurely walk or do some yoga. Before you start biking for weight loss and muscle toning, see your doctor to get the OK.

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