Bicycle Exercise Equipment

Bicycle exercise equipment is perfect if you're looking for a low-impact aerobic workout.
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Bicycle exercise equipment isn’t just for your local health club or gym. You can purchase bicycle exercise equipment for your home. This is an outstanding alternative to having to wake up early, tame your bed hair, go to the gym and fight over the best piece of bicycle exercise equipment. Bicycle exercise equipment purchased for home use is great for those who need an effective low-impact workout, but who are more comfortable in a seated position versus a standing position.

Recumbent Bikes

    Recumbent bikes are newer to the market compared to upright bikes. The recumbent bike offers a more natural supported and seated position, but you still maintain an appropriate leg-pedaling angle in order to work the body efficiently. You are seated in an upright position, but the pedals are forward and attached to the front flywheel drive mechanism. This is a static position for the user, which doesn’t allow you to stand up during your workout. But it’s a great alternative for those who have joint or knee problems.

Upright Bikes

    Upright bikes are more like road bikes with their function and design. The height for upright bikes is adjustable to accommodate different body types, and the seat is located directly over the pedals. One advantage of the upright bike is that you can lift your body off the seat in order to pedal with greater exertion and force. This is perfect for simulating sprinting, hill climbing or just getting your rear up and moving. Another feature of the upright bikes is that they are smaller compared to other recumbent bikes.

Indoor Cycling Bikes

    If you’ve ever watched a spinning class or participated in one, the bike you use is an indoor cycling bike. It’s similar to an upright bike but without having to plug it in to an electrical outlet. It’s designed to closely resemble an outdoor bicycle and you do have control of the resistance by twisting a knob. Indoor cycling bikes are also easy to move and you can enjoy catching up on your favorite reality shows while getting an aerobic workout. The downside is that you don’t get to enjoy the fresh outdoor air or the beautiful scenery that you do with regular outdoor bicycling.


    Stationary bike machines, both recumbent and upright, have electronic displays. The electronic displays can show you how much time has gone by or how much more time you have during your workout. The displays also show estimated number of calories burned and the distance you have pedaled during your workout. Some of the newer models also will allow you to use preset workout modes that include fat burning training, speed, intervals, hills and endurance training. With some of the more expensive bicycle exercise equipment you’ll find an interactive display that simulates biking through landscapes or even indoor cycling. Unfortunately, indoor cycling bikes do not have displays or preset workout modes. It’s up to you to keep the workout interesting and intense. However, you can buy accessories to your indoor cycling bike such as a spinning computer that tracks your time and heart rate. You can also purchase gel seat covers to give your butt a little cushion compared with a regular cycling seat.

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