Benefits to Workplace Celebrations

Taking the time to celebrate boosts employee value.
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Employees can't deliver their best at work when daily tasks are mundane, boring and lack challenge. Unfortunately, some companies treat employees as commodities rather than human beings and fail to recognize employee value. Showing appreciation benefits the workplace with unleashed innovation, team spirit, motivation and loyalty. It could be as simple as taking the time to celebrate an employee accomplishment on a job well done. Half an hour of appreciation in the workplace for an employee's accomplishment can benefit a company with lifelong coveted success.

Decreased Stress Levels

    Whether for a promotion, a birthday, or a achieving a milestone, a company that takes the time to lessen the stress of its employees through celebrations can have the benefit of increased productivity in the workplace. According to Shepell.fgi, a provider of health and productivity solutions, "Stress is the largest health-related productivity cost at work." Information compiled by the American Psychological Association in 2009 indicates that 51 percent of employees claimed they were less productive at work as a result of stress. Celebrations can be a quick fix to a stressful environment.


    Nothing can be more deflating than a dull, monotonous, strained and stressful work environment. The Southwest Airlines motto," Take yourself lightly and take your job and your responsibilities seriously," sums up the benefits of the combination of work and play in the workplace. Celebrating team successes on the completion of a project, no matter how small, benefits the workplace with healthy, motivated employees.


    When a manager takes the time to organize a celebration at the end of a project or a milestone, she shows that she values and appreciates her employees. Her appreciation makes employees feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to the workplace. Celebrations create a positive environment of drive and innovation as employees contribute over and above the call of duty.

Increased Productivity

    In the workplace, some tasks require creative strategies and planning; other tasks can be mundane. According to workplace specialists, routine habits applied to simple tasks create a low energy work environment because of the lack of creativity stimuli. A slow-paced environment hurts workplace productivity. Celebrations can be a workplace strategy to interrupt the monotony and stimulate employees' brains. Even a 10-minute celebration can benefit the workplace with increased productivity.

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