Benefits of Weight Training for Women

Use free weights for weight training.
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Misconceptions about weight training for women abound: It creates bulky muscles, it is hard, and it takes forever to see results, are just a few examples of the myths out there. In reality, weight training is highly beneficial because it can help you lose fat, gain healthy muscle mass, and experience a healthy mental outlook. Using weights three or more times a week will not bulk you up, but will give you a stronger and more muscular physique.


    You're probably aware of the fat on your body without having to be told, but you may not know how beneficial weight training can be for fat reduction. Weight training increases muscle mass, and the body burns more calories maintaining muscles than fat. Even sitting on the couch reading the latest fashion mag will burn some calories if you have more muscle mass in your body. Weight training three or more times per week can give you an edge when it comes to metabolism so that you have less fat overall.


    Weight training can provide you with stronger muscles that are more capable of performing various everyday tasks. You might be worrying about bulking up if you weight train, but this only happens to a select few women who train extremely hard, have an abundance of testosterone in their bodies, and basically starve themselves through a low calorie diet. Otherwise you can expect toned, svelte muscles that are more reminiscent of a ballet dancer than a boxer.


    If you experience low self-esteem it is definitely possible to find greater confidence when you work out regularly. Weight training is especially helpful because it is not something that every woman does. This means that your sense of accomplishment after doing it is high, and you are ready to take on your daily life with a little extra spring in your step. Lifting weights also releases endorphins, or feel-good hormones, that can put a smile on your face for awhile even after you are finished with your strength training routine.

Other Benefits

    If you like to sleep well and feel relaxed, then weight training can help you accomplish that goal. It can also help your bones remain strong as you get older, which is important to women particularly because of their higher risk of osteoporosis. It reduces the chances that you will injure yourself doing household or work-related tasks, and can help sharpen your attention. Your need good focus to take care of your many day-to-day activities.

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