What Are the Benefits of the Power Clean Exercise?

The power clean lift greatly enhances physical strength.
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Efficiently building muscle often requires a variety of exercises. The power clean exercise, or lift, is an explosive weight-bearing technique that requires full body motion. Proper execution of the power clean lift provides benefits in both muscle strengthening and cardiovascular improvement. Furthermore, the power clean exercise is often used to test overall strength in adults and adolescents. Always talk to a specialized training coach or other professional before attempting a power clean lift. As with most weightlifting exercises, technique and form are vital.

Increased Athletic Ability

One of the most common benefits of the power clean exercise is an increase in athletic aptitude. Athletes have often noticed that the power lift has improved their athletic prowess, whether it is throwing a baseball, running or jumping, Healthkicker.com reports.

Overall Strength

The power clean exercise generates a large amount of force in a short period of time. This causes muscle tissue to hypertrophy, or grow. As an athlete gains muscle mass, his overall strength is much improved. The power lift focuses on the extensor muscles of the hips and thighs, as well as the muscles of the abdomen and trunk, according to Sports Fitness Advisor.

Improved Cardiovascular Fitness

The power clean lift is a full-body exercise. The lifter needs to use a full range of motion and numerous muscles to perform an explosive lift. This causes him to run out of breath quickly. While out of breath, he still needs to perform the lift as well as other exercises. This continued exercise results in an increase in cardiovascular endurance, according to Upfitness.co.uk.

Work Performance

In jobs that often require difficult physical activity, such as firefighting or construction, the power clean lift can improve work performance. Saving civilians or comrades from a fire is a grueling task that requires peak physical fitness, Firefighter Nation explains.

Test Overall Strength and Power

When evaluating athletes, whether young or adult, it can be difficult to decide which exercise can most accurately predict that athlete’s overall strength. The power clean lift can ascertain the comparative strength of athletes, according to an article in the “Journal of Strength Conditioning Research.”

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