What Are the Benefits of an Internal Employee E-Newsletter?

Keep the company cohesive with an e-newsletter.
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When you work at a company with more than a handful of employees, it can be tough to keep everyone up to speed on what's happening across departments. One way to solve this is to create an internal newsletter. The newsletter itself has a number of benefits; creating it electronically has a few more.


    The first benefit of the internal newsletter -- whether it's done in e-format or on paper, is keeping employees up to date on the happenings of the company. Whether it's important updates to work processes or changes to the law that pertain to the business, the newsletter gives employees a chance to keep up with the latest news and developments.

Employee Morale

    Your newsletter can be a way to improve or maintain employee morale. Some companies do that by recognizing an "employee of the month," but you can also focus on health tips, fitness ideas, safety information or jokes pertaining to the industry. All of these things can give employees positive things to talk about around the water cooler and let them know that the company embraces a positive, supportive culture.


    The "e-newsletter" is typically delivered via e-mail or through an internal online portal. Since the e-newsletter is delivered in an electronic format, it means that employees can access it from anywhere. That helps keep employees up to speed even if they typically work off-site, they travel often for work, or they're on vacation.


    Your e-newsletter provides you with a way to document all of your company's important activities -- and then compile them. When a new employee joins the company, or when you need to prove that you provided employees with important safety training or legal information, for instance, you can have the e-newsletters archived in a place where they're easy to access.

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