What Are the Benefits of Glider Disc Exercises?

Lunges done on gliders reduce the risk of injury because they are non-impact.
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In terms of simplicity, a glider is one of the smallest, cheapest pieces of exercise equipment available. Although they might be confused for the coasters that go under the legs of your sofa, these small discs can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. If you are looking for core toning exercises, you may have found your secret weapon. Incorporate glider exercises into your workout for a safe and effective change of pace.

Glider Disc Exercises

    Gliders need a smooth surface to slide on, so find tile or wood floor, and set the gliders down. Start by placing one foot on the glider and slide your leg backward into a lunge. Feel your leg muscles working? Gliders allow you to do exercises without every picking up your legs. Next get into a pushup position, and place one set of toes on the glider. Move that leg straight out to the side and back to make your core scream. Gliders allow movements that would not otherwise be possible. Try moving your legs on gliders in a few different ways until you are comfortable with the range of movements.

Improved Stability

    One main benefit of glider discs is that you will greatly improve your stability after using them for a few weeks. When on gliders, imagine walking on ice -- it takes a lot of balance to stay on your feet. Although the gliders are not as slippery as ice, they do offer the same challenge. All of the muscles in your legs and core must synchronize to keep you from falling. Compared to lunges on your feet, 10 glider lunges are much more difficult due to the lack of stability, and thus can make those 10 lunges more worthwhile to you.

New Core Exercise Options

    If you are looking for that toned core for the bikini season, try exercising with a glider. A significant benefit of the glider is a whole new library of core exercises, which is especially handy when you've exhausted your penchant for crunches and situps. Many glider exercises for the core can be done from a pushup position. Try moving your legs side to side, front to back, crossing one leg under the other or simply rotate your knee to your opposite elbow. Or flip onto your back and try hamstring leg curls with your feet on the gliders for a burning sensation unlike any other.


    If you have had any sort of injuries or soreness, which most people have, the glider is an effective tool to help you reduce your aches and pains. Because you will never slam your feet down onto the ground when using a glider, the overall impact of your workout is reduced as is the pain that comes with high-impact exercise. Glider lunges do not involve any steps; your feet never leave the ground, regardless of which direction you lunge. The same holds true for glider core exercises. If you are tired of feeling like a workout hurts you more than it helps you, try using a glider.

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