What Are the Benefits of Drinking Green Juice?

green juice revitalizes your health
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Although fruit juices deliver a cornucopia of nutrients, minerals and enzymes that are beneficial to your body, juicing takes its toll on the fiber content. According to macrobiotic expert Shonali Sabherwal of "Times of India", you should take green juices over their fruity counterparts due to their higher fiber content. Plain fruit juice will lead to rising sugar levels in your blood. Incorporating vegetables to make green juices adds chlorophyll and essential dietary fiber that aids in digestion and cleansing, enabling you to maintain a healthy weight.

Ultimate Nutrition

    Green juices contain vitamins A, C and chlorophyll, a component of sunshine that helps in the production of vitamin D, protecting you from rickets and scurvy. By using different types of greens, you protect your body from alkanoids. Use a juicer and eat raw fruit pulp that contains pectin, an antioxidant that protects your DNA from external elements and free radicals. Juice different fruit varieties with cruciferous vegetables for ultimate nutrition and boost your immunity with wheatgrass sprouts and spirulina.

Natural Cleansers and Diuretics

    According to Dr. Oz, green juice makes the best breakfast drink because it has high-fiber and low-calorie. It contains celery, spinach, cucumber, parsley, pineapples, lemons, carrots and apples. Combine these in a juicer and drink 4 servings. Phyllis Batch, author of prescriptions for dietary wellness, notes that cucumber juice is a natural diuretic, beneficial to your colon, stomach and spleen. Cucumber combines well with dandelion and celery juice to create a good sodium and potassium balance in your body that promotes normal blood pressure. Dandelion and garlic juice are rejuvenate your liver and cleanse your blood.

Healthy Pregnancy

    If pregnant, spinach will avail high amounts of folate that can aid in preventing miscarriage and several other types of birth defects. Spinach juice also improves the quality of your milk if you are breastfeeding. This green juice is also rich in silicon that improves the appearance of your hair, skin and nails. Spinach juice contains high levels of vitamin C and E that you require for optimum health.


    According to Susan Berg along with editors of Natural Prescriptions for Women, you require high-fiber fruits and vegetables to curb constipation that may arise if you crave sugary and fatty foods or during your first trimester of pregnancy, when your uterus expands and puts pressure on your abdomen and pelvis. Good fruit fiber sources include prunes with 6 grams per half cup and raspberries with 8 grams per half cup. Add brussel sprouts that contain 2 grams per half cup.

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