The Benefits of Cucumber Juice

If you think those slices work wonders on your eyes, try them in a glass.
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Ever wish that you could find a magical elixir that would improve your health and solve your toughest beauty blues? Try drinking cucumber juice. Made from the same veggie used to de-puff your eyes, cucumbers do even more good when working from the inside out.

Hydrate Your Whole Body

    Made of 95 percent water, cucumbers are among the most economical vegetables to juice, providing the most liquid for your dollar. Because of their high water content, cucumbers boost your body's hydration, flushing toxins, cooling the body, aiding in weight loss and assisting in digestion.

    Quench your thirst with some intense hydration.

Reduce Your Risk of Disease

    Cucumber juice provides the body with a whole slew of minerals, hormones and compounds to fight disease. Silica helps to promote healthy joints, keeping you mobile for longer in life. Potassium and magnesium help to regulate blood pressure, protecting you from high and low readings. Meanwhile, the trifecta of lariciresinol, pinoresinol and secoisolariciresinol lignans reduce your risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancers.

    Drink to your health.

A New Kind of Energy

    As an excellent source of B vitamins, your daily glass of green could replace your morning coffee. B vitamin deficiencies often present themselves in the form of fatigue, irritability and poor concentration. Ensuring your body is in good supply of these vitamins helps to alleviate the likelihood of such symptoms, making that morning caffeine fix so passe.

    Break up with your cup of joe and try a glass of green.

Clarify Your Skin

    Cucumbers have been used topically for years to reduce the puffiness of eyes and to alleviate skin irritations. Internally, they work just as well. Actress Liv Tyler swears by drinking cucumber juice to keep her porcelain skin flawless. No surprise, since herbalist have been recommending it to clear acne for years. This is perhaps due to the cucumber's high antioxidant levels, which help to calm inflammation in the body, reducing the likelihood of redness, puffiness and unsightly blemishes.

    Clear skin could be just a glass away.

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