The Benefit of a Mini Elliptical

The mini elliptical trainer can lead to weight loss.
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The mini elliptical trainer has plenty of benefits as an at-home workout. It's affordable, doesn't take up a lot of space, is portable and is easily stored. You can use the trainer in a forward or backward motion for workout variety, and the machine has adjustable tension to keep up with you as your fitness level and strength improve.

Low Impact

    The mini elliptical provides low-impact exercise that won't stress your hips, knees, ankles and back. The forward motion targets the fronts of your thighs, your quadriceps and your butt. When you use a backward motion, you shift the muscle focus onto the backs of your upper legs, your hamstrings and your calves. Since a mini elliptical trainer doesn't have handrails, only foot pedals, your legs support you and your balance improves.

Cardiovascular Workout

    Exercise with your mini trainer is cardiovascular exercise. Your heart and breathing rates increase as you pedal for at least 20 minutes. Your heart function improves, which can lead to a lowering of blood pressure, a reduction in cholesterol and a reduced risk for heart disease. Along with these benefits, your mood and energy levels improve as your body becomes more efficient at transporting nutrients and oxygen through your cardiovascular system.

Weight Loss

    Easy, at-home access to your mini elliptical trainer hopefully will lead to you use the equipment more often. Frequent -- between three and five days a week -- use of your mini trainer can help with weight loss or weight maintenance. The more activity you do, the more calories you burn. Aim to spend at least 20 minutes a day on your trainer to prevent weight gain.

Mood Booster

    Regular exercise with your mini elliptical trainer provides more than physical benefits; 20 to 30 minutes of elliptical exercise can help to improve your mood. You'll often feel energetic, relaxed and happier after your workout. Over time, improvements in your physical appearance will lead to an increase in confidence as well.

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