Beginner Workouts to Lose Weight

Consider your fitness abilities when choosing an exercise.
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Whether you are trying to lose weight to improve your physical appearance or to enhance your health, there are many exercises that can help beginners burn fat and lose weight. When deciding on a workout routine, it is important to consider your health and fitness goals as well as your physical capabilities. This will ensure you reach your target weight and avoid injuries. Some efficient weight-loss exercises for beginners include walking or jogging, yoga, biking and swimming.


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For individuals who are beginning an exercise routine, it is important to select exercises that are within your fitness level. You want a workout that will challenge you but not push you beyond your physical capabilities and cause injuries. For this reason, walking and jogging are ideal beginner exercises since they are low intensity but provide fat-burning benefits. Before you begin make sure you are adequately hydrated and stretch your legs. When walking or jogging, make sure to wear comfortable clothing, good-fitting running shoes and pace yourself. Begin at a slow to moderate pace depending on your fitness level and take slow consistent breaths. If you get tired or out of breath, slow down or take a break. You can increase your distance and intensity as your fitness level improves.


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Yoga is another great low-intensity workout for beginners because it burns fat, stretches the muscles and promotes flexibility and balance. There are many disciplines of yoga, each with a different focus. Some effective styles of yoga for beginners include Hatha and Bikram yoga. Hatha yoga is slow paced and geared for beginners, as this style focuses on breath work and slow and gentle movements, according to Bikram yoga is done in a hot, humid environment to promote the burning of body fat and is "often thought of as the best practice for beginners, as there are only 26 Bikram poses, many of which are focused on proper alignment," according to


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Those beginning an exercise routine can lose weight by biking. Biking will burn calories and fat as well as improve muscle tone and definition. It can be done outdoors or in a spinning class using a stationary exercise bike. This exercise can be adjusted to be low or high intensity, depending on your fitness goals and abilities, as you can increase speed or incline to make the exercise more challenging. This makes biking ideal for beginners who can start off pedaling slower and biking on flat terrain until their fitness improves.


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Swimming is a great exercise for beginners because it is low intensity but works the entire body. Swimming can burn calories while working the arms, legs and cardiovascular system. Beginners can start with short, slow-paced laps and increase distance and speed as their fitness level improves. Backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly stroke and free swimming are examples of ways to exercise while swimming. Lap pools and home swimming pools can be used to perform swimming exercises. During cold weather, indoor pools at gyms and community centers are ideal.

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