Beginner Bowflex Workout Program

Include warm ups when doing any kind of exercise.
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The Bowflex exercise equipment system is an effective workout tool to help beginner exercisers. Those who want to lose weight, get in shape and build muscle can do dozens of exercises that get the heart pumping and provide a good cardio and strength-building workout. Bowflex exercise machines are suitable for both home and gym use. You can design your own workout routine or select pre-designed workouts from the manufacturer.

Cardio Exercises

    Pulling on the Bowflex power rods challenges your muscles to work against their resistance and contracts and relaxes your muscles. You can raise your heartbeat, break a sweat and get a good cardio workout by using the rowing feature on the Bowflex exercise system, for example. Interval training on a Bowflex can improve the effectiveness of your cardio workout. Exercise at your maximum ability for one to two minutes and then exercise at a leisurely pace for one minute. Repeat the maximum effort followed by leisurely effort for a total of 30 minutes each day. Change your workout routine daily to work your upper body one day, your core the next, and then your lower body the day after that to get maximum cardio and strength training benefit from a Bowflex machine.

Frequency of Exercises

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise each week. Adults should also strength train two to three times each week. Perform cardio exercises on a Bowflex every other day. On non-cardio days strength train your arms, core and legs. Most beginners may do between eight and 10 repetitions of each exercise. As your strength increases, you will be able to do more repetitions or increase the amount of resistance for a more vigorous workout.

Effectiveness of Bowflex

    Bowflex has designed a progressive workout that includes cardio as well as strength training routines so that you can get a well-rounded workout. Beginners who want to stimulate their body to burn fat and improve their cardiovascular health can use less resistance and do more repetitions to increase their heart rate. You can achieve weight loss by burning fat. Cardio exercises, combined with a healthy diet, can help you burn fat while strengthening your muscles.


    Always read the instructions and make sure you understand how to use your Bowflex exercise machine before you start to workout. Do not stand over the machine when you are attaching or disconnecting additional resistance rods. The rod could slip and snap back causing injury. Before sitting down on a Bowflex machine to exercise, make sure the seat is stable and the lock pin is secure. Check every fastener and connection on the machine before sitting down to exercise. Do not pull on the Bowflex machine unless there are resistance rods attached securely to the bar. Never let children play on or near your Bowflex machine.

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