How to Become a Nutrition Coach

Help your clients learn to reach for healthy food.
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Nutrition coaches are typically individuals who have invested in a nutrition coaching program, and provide services to private clients. They work at holistic health centers or through other health-associated groups, such as fitness facilities. They are not necessarily bonafide, licensed dietitians and nutritionists who have undergone rigorous credentialing and schooling, although these professionals may also call themselves "coaches." Become a nutrition coach to advise clients about their health and eating, perhaps as a consultant or as part of your established health-related business.

    Step 1

    Invest in an online course in nutrition coaching. Groups such as Venice Nutrition and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition offer online courses and examinations that you can get through in as few as a couple weeks before receiving your certifications in the mail.

    Step 2

    Add the certifications or credentials you earn to your already thriving fitness business. Adding nutrition coaching to your work as a personal trainer or exercise leader can increase your value to your clients and broaden your appeal as you grow your own business.

    Step 3

    Specialize to set yourself apart from other nutrition coaches. Specialize in raw nutrition with a certificate from the Body Mind Institute for example, or work specifically with athletes with certification from the American Fitness Professionals Association.

    Step 4

    Build a business by working with other holistic healers, such as acupuncturists, massage therapists and herbalists. Nutrition coaches also work with weight-loss consultants and diet programs. Hold classes for groups, or offer individual counseling to clients.


    • Beware of programs that make false claims about your credibility after finishing their courses. You can’t claim to be a registered dietitian, or RD, without going through the rigorous schooling and state-sanctioned credentialing process.

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