How to Become a Nurse Esthetician

Create beautiful skin as a nurse esthetician.
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Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. As a nurse esthetician, you will help people to achieve a healthy and radiant appearance by performing skin care and other cosmetic procedures, including Botox or collagen injections. You will interact with patients and advise them on their journey to be happier with their appearances. Additionally, you may assist doctors in more complex cosmetic procedures. Becoming a nurse esthetician involves earning your nursing license and receiving training in cosmetic procedures.

    Step 1

    Complete your education and classroom training as a nurse. The training can vary depending on which nursing license you're looking to earn. Though you can become a nurse esthetician as a licensed practicing nurse, LPN, or licensed vocational nurse, LVN, most employers prefer to hire registered nurses, or RNs, according to Education Portal. RNs may choose a diploma, associate's degree or a bachelor's degree, taking between two and four years to complete.

    Step 2

    Pass the national licensing exam for nurses: the NCLEX-PN exam for LPNs or LVNs or the NCLEX-RN for RNs.

    Step 3

    File for your state nursing license after completing your national licensing exam. A state nursing license is a requirement to practice any variety of nursing. Some states may also require that you receive lifesaver certification to identify and deal with dangerous complications -- such as a severe allergic reaction -- during cosmetic procedures.

    Step 4

    Receive training in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. You will work with practicing doctors and nurses who perform these procedures regularly, and you will attend classroom training in the medicine behind these procedures. Training may be offered by the manufacturers of skin enhancement products and medical institutes specializing in cosmetic procedures. Certification is offered in some, but not all, cosmetic procedures.

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