How to Audition for Disney Roles

Disney holds auditions for a variety of performers.
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Disney holds auditions for performers in locations all around the world. Each audition is different, but Disney states there are a few basics to remember and expect for every Disney audition. Disney looks for performers including actors, singers, musicians, dancers and stunt performers. Each audition has its differences, but Disney is clear about what to expect and how to prepare.

What to Expect

    When you check in, a "Cast Member" helps you check in and answers any basic question you might have about the audition. Your name and time of arrival are recorded before the Cast Member takes your headshot and resume. You are then given an Audition Application form. Disney suggests arriving early (about 15 minutes) to complete your check-in and fill out the necessary paperwork. The audition is run by a Disney casting director who provides instructions to help get you through the audition. All Disney auditions are closed, meaning it doesn't allow non-performers (friends and family) into the audition room. Other things to remember are to bring a headshot and resume. Your headshot should be on standard letter-size paper and must represent your current appearance. Keep your resume to one page, listing only your most recent experience and accomplishments. Secure the resume to the back of the headshot or have it directly printed to it.

Singers and Musicians

    Singers and musicians need to have music prepared for their audition. Singers need to pick two separate vocal selections showcasing different styles. Disney recommends picking the best 16 bars of each selection. Keep in mind that Disney doesn't necessarily look for the best vocalists, but instead for singers who can tell a story and convey it during the audition. Also bring sheet music in the correct key and pre-recorded material needed for your audition. Musicians should prepare three short selections representative of their technical, lyrical and improvisational skills. Disney is looking more for the personality of musicians than raw talent.

Actors and Dancers

    Disney does comedy and it asks its actor applicants to prepare a one-minute comedic monologue. Timing is vital to comedy, so think about the story and emotions behind each word so you understand the monologue instead of simply remembering it. You also may be asked to read additional material or participate in improvisational exercises. Disney roles are varied, so read the audition listing carefully before preparing your material. For dancers, form-fitting clothing is required. Disney recommends dancers bring either ballet shoes, jazz shoes or character heels.

Other Performers

    Other performers include Disney character performers and look-alike performers. Disney doesn't ask for specific content for its character auditions. Applicants will portray iconic Disney characters without using their words. Communication is done solely through the performer's body language, incorporating physical coordination and attitude. Disney also looks for stunt performers, including tumblers, acrobats, gymnasts and more. Aerial experiences is not required but is beneficial, as applicants must show proficiency on rings, rope, high bar and trampoline. Other performers Disney holds auditions for are bands, variety and specialty acts, but these are auditioned on an invite-only basis.

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