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Artistic people like to work with ideas and things, according to Purdue University.
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So you want an artistic career? Well, a half-hour multiple choice test isn't going to tell you if you've got the talent to be a successful painter. But, you might find out more about whether your personality is suited to the artistic lifestyle. And it's not all wearing berets and staring at clouds. A career personality test could even open your eyes to the variety of artistic career paths available.

Holland Test

    If you're keen to have your personality boiled down to a three-letter code, then try the Holland Test. This involves choosing from more than 100 characteristics. The test then fits you into one of six categories -- including Artistic. Within each category are other sub-categories. For example, if you're type ARI then you're Artistic, Realistic and Investigative -- ideal for a career as an architect, according to Salisbury University. An ASI career personality might want to look into music, painting or advertising copywriting. You can find the test online.


    Myers-Briggs is designed to classify you as one of 16 major personality types. The results of the test can help point to whether you're suited to an artistic career. For example, Four SPs equals artisans -- an artistic, adaptable and audacious personality type. Or perhaps you're more of an ESFP, a performer personality type that might suit acting in theater or film. Really, you should go through the test with an experienced career counselor or similar as it can get a little complex to interpret.

Strong Interest Inventory

    Many university and college careers services use the Strong Interest Inventory to put together a quick personality snapshot. The idea, according to Carnegie Mellon University, is to "objectively identify interests." That may not sound exciting, but, if done correctly, the test could help you find occupations you hadn't thought of before. It can also help you consider the other aspects of an artistic career -- such as the type of people you want to work alongside, and your ideal working environment.

Other Tests

    The Internet is a awash with personality tests of one type or another. In general, try not to take any quick self-assessment test too seriously -- people are complicated, especially those with artistic qualities. Nonetheless, Penn State University lists several useful tests found on general sites, including the Big Five Personality Test. This test ranks your personality along five traits. If you have high levels of openness, for example, you might well be suited to a career in the arts.

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