Arm Workout Routine for Women Without Equipment

Toned arms do not require traditional exercise equipment.
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From the moment you open a magazine or turn on the television, you’re likely bombarded by models with shapely figures and well-defined arms. For many women, sculpting toned and sleek arms is a lifelong goal. While it is essential to understand you are genetically predisposed to the amount of muscle you may gain, through effective workout routines you can create magazine-worthy arms without the need of traditional workout equipment.

Chair Dips

    Chair dips, also referred to as bench dips, effectively isolate the triceps brachii muscle groups. This compound exercise uses your own body weight as resistance to fatigue the triceps. Begin this exercise by sitting on the edge of a sturdy chair. Place both hands 3 inches out from the hips. Grasp the edge of the chair and carefully walk your feet out until your knees are almost fully extended. Straighten your arms at the elbow so your bottom is lifted off the chair and carefully walk your feet out several more inches so your back and buttocks clear the edge of the chair. Slowly lower your buttocks toward the floor by bending the elbows. Stop when you feel a stretch in your shoulder or chest muscles. Lift your body back to the starting position by pushing through your hands. Do not allow your elbows to be fully extended at the top of the movement. Repeat until your triceps are fully fatigued.

Bent Knee Pushup

    The bent knee pushup effectively targets the pectoralis major muscle group; however, this compound movement also targets the triceps brachii and the anterior deltoids. This exercise is ideal for women who are beginners or those who lack upper-body strength. To begin this exercise, lie face down on the floor with your hands 6 inches away from your shoulders. Bend your knees and cross your feet. Lift your upper body off the ground by pushing through the palms of your hands. Focus on keeping your neck and spine in a straight line. While keeping your abdominals contracted, lower your chest to the floor by bending the elbows. Stop the motion when a 90-degree angle is formed from your upper and lower arm at the elbow joint. Push your chest back to the starting position until your elbows are almost fully extended. Repeat two to three sets of eight to 12 repetitions. Focus on movement quality, not quantity.

One-Arm Triceps Pushup

    The one-arm triceps pushup is an intermediate- to advanced-level exercise. Do not engage in this workout if you have a shoulder or elbow injury. This movement isolates the triceps brachii muscle group while simultaneously calling upon the pectorals for support. Begin this exercise by lowering your body to the floor. Lie on the left side of your body with your hips and knees stacked on top of one another. Wrap your left arm around your torso so it is resting on the right oblique. Place the palm of your right hand on the floor directly in front of your chest. The palm is parallel to your body. While contracting the abdominals, push your upper body off the ground. The left shoulder should be 3 to 4 inches off the floor. Carefully lower back to the starting position. Repeat eight to 10 repetitions on the left side before switching to the right side.

Soup Can Bicep Curls

    Soup can bicep curls are ideal for women recovering from an injury or those who are new to resistance training. This exercise calls upon the bicep muscle group. To engage in this movement, grab two unopened soup cans. You may also use 12- to 20-ounce full water bottles. Stand with the feet shoulder-width apart and tighten your abdominal muscles. Place the elbows close to your torso and slowly curl the soup cans up toward your shoulder. Pause for three seconds at the top of the movement and slowly return back to the starting position. Complete two to three sets of 12 to 15 repetitions.

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