Arc Trainer Vs. Treadmill

Treadmills and Arc Trainers both have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to a cardio workout.
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Cardio exercise equipment is like your multivitamins. They’re both important to incorporate in your life, but the different varieties or brands can leave exasperated. Which do you choose? The Arc Trainer and treadmill are both effective cardio equipment with both having several benefits. Choosing which is better depends on your individual goals and needs.


    Arc Trainers and treadmills don’t really have the same features when it comes to looks. The treadmill has a flat type of conveyer belt and is in an upright position. An Arc Trainer has elevated foot pedals from the ground and also hand-held poles. Both have digital screens where you can change the intensity, speed and time of your workouts.


    The Arc trainer is a unique type of exercise equipment. It delivers strength, cardio and power results with its distinctive combination of stride, climb and glide motions. On top of this the Arc Trainer puts little to no stress on the joints of users, making it easy to use and also great for those with health issues related to joint or muscle pain. Treadmills are an excellent cardio workout, especially for those who enjoy running. While not exactly the same as running outside, treadmills simulate outdoor activities such as running, jogging and even hiking. You can adjust the speed and incline of a treadmill in order to intensify your workout.

How to Use

    Both the treadmill and the Arc Trainer are operated by users from a standing position; however, how you operate them is different. With the treadmill you need to turn on the belt first. Stand on the side of the treadmill where the belt is not moving and step onto the belt one foot at a time and start walking. You can increase the incline or the speed once you are stable and walking on the belt. The Arc Trainer doesn’t start until you hop on and get moving. First stand on the pedals and grasp the poles with each of your hands. Keep your hands approximately chest high. Move your left arm and leg forward together while moving your right arm and leg backward. You can increase the resistance on the Arc Trainer as you grow comfortable with your pace.


    While not as hard on your knees as the outdoor pavement, treadmills still have impact on your joints. You can lessen the impact by using correct posture and proper running or walking strides on the treadmill. The Arc Trainer has little to no impact on your joints. The movements on the Arc Trainer are fluid and it also doesn’t have the jarring impact as running on a treadmill can produce.


    Both the Arc Trainer and treadmill yield benefits to those who incorporate either in their lifestyle. Cardio workouts are important in improving cardiovascular health, increasing your lung capacity, keeping obesity at bay and even improving your mood. The Arc Trainer may be the better choice for those who suffer from knee problems, spine problems, osteoporosis or other joint issues because it is a low impact activity. Treadmill workouts tend to burn major calories especially when increasing the incline and speed of your workout. If you are looking for an alternative to jogging outside, then the treadmill will be the better choice between the two.

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