How to Know if I Am Burnt Out on My Job

Burnout can turn your dream job into a day in hell.
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When your dream job morphs into the setting for the next greatest horror movies, you may be asking whether it's you or the job that has really changed. Job burnout is one reason a good job can take on a tarnished look in your eyes, and gone checked, burnout can go on to affect all facets of your life. Identifying whether you are suffering from job burnout is the first step toward correcting what's wrong before your problem leads to a poorly timed and unwelcome job loss.

    Step 1

    Identify how closely your symptoms match those of job burnout. The Mayo Clinic tells you that job burnout is a type of stress that affects you physically, emotionally and mentally. The condition makes you doubt your competency and value as an employee. Symptoms of burnout include a change in attitude about your work from positive to critical, the inability to face a workday with a positive attitude, frequent tardiness, irritability, lack of energy, sleep and appetite changes, and inexplicable minor medical problems, such as frequent headaches. These symptoms appear day after day with no relief in sight.

    Step 2

    Practice job burnout coping strategies to see if you can relieve the symptoms. Take a closer look at your daily stresses, such as tight deadlines, lack of sleep, or a boss whose got you in a fog regarding his expectations. Then take positive steps to reduce the stresses. Remember to take time from work to enjoy other things like sports, the arts and shoe shopping — anything that will break your thoughts from the job and give you a mental vacation.

    Step 3

    Look for a permanent, long-term solution if the symptoms are not relieved by coping strategies. Whether the economy is good or bad, whether the credit cards are maxed out or the house paid off, setting goals to move on to a new job will give you the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. You will be working toward something that matters to you, and this active stance will help you continue in your current job until you can find a replacement.


    • Working the wrong job may make you feel like you are a square peg being smashed into a round hole. The fit will never feel right. If after clear evaluation of the job and your ability to feel comfortable there, you may find that the only real solution to job burnout is to find another job that matches your skills and needs more effectively.


    • Boredom can be just as stressful and detrimental to your mental well-being as constant deadlines requiring high energy all day long.


    • Some of the same symptoms of job burnout can be attributed to other conditions, such as depression. If your symptoms are making it difficult to lead a normal life, consult a physician for a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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