US Air Force Civilian Careers

There are many ways to work for the Air Force as a civilian.
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There are twenty-one separate career fields available to civilians who want to work for the United States Air Force. If you have education and training in any of those fields, you can apply for a job working as a civilian for the Air Force. Working for the Air Force, even as a civilian, gives you access to a wide range of benefits.

Engineering and Technical Jobs

There are many, many different fields within the umbrella of engineering and technical jobs as a civilian Air Force worker. Virtually any type of scientist or engineer can find a place there. Civil engineers help build infrastructure. Scientists working in almost any field can contribute, through research and design, and areas such as geographical analysis. Engineers participate in building and testing new aircraft, and meteorologists help analyze and predict weather patterns. The science and engineering civilian jobs generally require a bachelor of science degree.

Business and Finance Jobs

The Air Force hires civilians to fill many different types of business positions, including outside auditors, contractors to negotiate and sign contracts with vendors, financial managers, and program managers to run the different departments. Generally speaking, the business and finance jobs are in the procurement field, making sure supplies are bought for a good price and delivered where they need to go on time. These jobs are ideal for those who already work in business and finance or management.

Legal and Security

In addition to actual legal work for civilian lawyers, the Air Force hires people who are educated in international affairs to help make sure that the correct items are being exported to various countries, to analyze security needs for foreign countries, and work with military personnel exchange programs. The Air Force also hires special investigators, usually with a law-enforcement background, to investigate criminal, terrorist or spy activities. They also hire security officers to work in specific buildings.

Operations and Management Jobs

The Air Force hires civilians who can work in the communications field, with information distribution; as well as in logistics, with on-the-ground moving of personnel and equipment. They also hire in the field of "Operations," which includes things like air control and intelligence gathering, as well as things like wargaming and simulation. This field has openings for all the civilian day-to-day work of keeping the Air Force running.

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