What to Know About Aflac Before an Interview

Aflac's official mascot is a duck.
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The opportunity to interview with a diverse Fortune 500 company, such as Aflac, does not come along every day. Having knowledge and information about the company may help you become a top contender for the position. Therefore, before sitting down in the interview chair, take time and review the facts that made the company what it is today.


    Three brothers -- John, Paul and Bill Amos -- created American Family Life Insurance Company in 1955, which later became known as American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus. In 1958, the company introduced a ground-breaking cancer policy that helped cover the expense of treatment. By 1974, the company was issued a license to sell insurance in Japan, only the third company in the U.S. to hold a license, at which time it began offering shares of the company publicly. The company adopted the name Aflac in 1989 and launched its first national advertising campaign in the U.S. in 1991. The duck became a member of the Aflac team in 2000, appearing in his first TV commercial. In 2003, Aflac became the leader in the Japanese market. As of 2013, the company has built two Aflac Parents Houses, benefiting the Children's Cancer Association of Japan.


    Aflac offers several polices for individuals. The accident policy pays money directly to the insured if an accident occurs to cover medical and everyday expenses. The cancer and specified-disease policy covers diseases generally excluded from life insurance policies. Aflac also offers dental and life insurance. It offers three hospital-specific policies to cover expenses, such as an intensive-care stay, among other levels of care for those admitted. More than 50 million people worldwide hold Aflac insurance policies. The company holds more than 465,000 employer accounts in the U.S.


    Aflac has held a position on the top 100 list of companies to work for, published by Fortune magazine since 1998. According to CNN Money, AFLAC ranks No. 84 on Fortune’s Top 100 list as of 2013. The reasons given by Fortune include an annual six-day appreciation week for employees and daily giveaways. Also, the company provides employees with theme park visits, movie previews and skating trips that allow women to spend additional time with their families at the company's expense. In 2013, the Ethisphere Institute named Aflac the World’s Most Ethical Company for the seventh straight year. Aflac prides itself on receiving numerous ethics, diversity and leadership awards over its many decades in existence.

Benefits and Training

    Aflac offers a variety of employee benefits, including major medical, dental, life and disability insurance. The company offers a flexible spending account for employees as well. Additional programs that benefit women in the workplace include on-site child care, a fitness center and health clinic, employee discounts and scholarships for additional education. Technical training, job-specific training, and leadership development training are also offered. According to the Aflac website, employees receive cash awards and reimbursement of exam costs for completing training.

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