The Advantages of a Niche Job Board

Niche job boards offer candidates in particular fields a more direct job search tool.
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Niche job boards are industry-specific. This means that instead of offering job postings and career information "across the board," they provide career opportunities and information tailored to a particular industry. These job-posting venues offer a number of advantages over the more general job board.

Viable Employers

    Niche job boards tend to attract more credible and enthusiastic employers than general forums. Often, the requirements for job posters are more stringent on niche boards, ensuring a level of quality. When you apply for the jobs on niche boards, employers are more likely to respond because the visitors tend to be more credible, as well. In essence, you have a specific type of job seeker engaging a particular type of employer.

Easier to Navigate

    Rather than posting countless jobs in countless industries that may require a rocket scientist to sift through, a niche job site has a single focus. Careers are more likely divided into specialty areas than job categories. For instance, a retail job board likely is organized to showcase jobs in sales, service, buying and management. Ease in navigation makes it more efficient and inviting for would-be employees to use a job board and return.

Smaller Applicant Pool

    Niche generally means smaller. Thus, applying for jobs on a niche board likely means you aren't going up against hundreds or thousands of applicants, as may be the case on a large, general career board. Typically, only serious job hunters and career-minded individuals explore job opportunities on a niche site. This means your application and resume are more likely to get noticed and given adequate attention.

Industry Resources

    Along with jobs, boards normally include resources, such as career articles, sample resumes and cover letters and discussion forums. With a niche venue, you can find more industry and career specific information than on a general interest board. You may find articles on proper etiquette, hiring processes, desirable skills and key concerns specific to a career area. These resources can help even if you don't actually apply for a job through the site.

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