Advantages Females Have in the Workplace

Women encourage work-life balance.
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Women add a feminine touch to their work environments, giving their organizations an advantage when it comes to accomplishing work goals and developing healthy workplace relationships. Women think with their minds and their hearts. Their sensitivity, intuition and emotional intelligence help to create a well-rounded workforce. Because women tend to see the big picture and don't usually get caught up in unhealthy forms of competition, team-centered goals have room to thrive. Most women don't try to be a "one-man show," so they often get along well with others, making them an advantageous and well-suited commodity in an ever-increasing global marketplace.

Work-Life Balance

    Since women have unique childbearing and child-raising responsibilities, they often create and sustain a healthy work-life balance. Single women, married women and mothers also participate in hobbies and non-work-related activities that require time investments -- work isn't everything. According to "Chic" fashion store CEO Stephanie Burns, instead of molding to corporate environments that aren't designed for them, women create corporate cultures to fit their lifestyles, as reported in "Forbes." Flexible work schedules, work-share programs and home offices make it possible for women to maintain a healthy work-life balance and pursue goals outside of work.

Constructive Communicators

    Women have strong communication skills and encourage collaborative work efforts. Men sometimes sit in silence, give brief directives or share competitive stories that don't necessarily add to a team-centered work atmosphere. Women listen and share ideas, while maintaining a high level of professionalism. According to The Women's Conference website, women typically outscore men on oral and written assessments because they use both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. As a result, they respond well to verbal, visual and emotional factors, resulting in healthy communication patterns.

Problem Solvers

    Females are perceptive, intuitive and sensitive, so they often pick up on non-verbal cues, making them effective problem solvers. In the past, women were often viewed as overly sensitive, irrational, emotional creatures, unfit for the workplace. Modern TV shows such as "Mad Men" and "Downtown Abbey" reflect some of those traditional stereotypes of the past. In reality, a woman's sensitive nature helps her to uncover unspoken messages, making her a living sonar device. The Women's Conference states that most women understand body language and perceive signs of unhappiness, frustration, stress, insecurity and confusion much better than men. As a result, they offer the advantage of being able to address workplace concerns, problems and issues before they escalate. Women are both proactive and reactive problem solvers.


    The traditional "boy's club" is a dying institution because women bring diversity and multi-dimensional interests to the table. There's nothing wrong with playing pool or smoking cigars from time to time with the boys, but that's not the only form of after-hours workplace socialization. Women play and watch sports, go to concerts, organize book clubs, play poker, cook, craft, play musical instruments, paint, decorate, ride ATVs, participate in extreme sports and play pool -- and even smoke cigars if they want. Women -- and men -- with multi-dimensional skill sets have an advantage because they are interesting and versatile. In a growing global marketplace, diversity is a key ingredient to success.

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