Administrative Career Objectives

A career objective helps you land an administrative job that is specific to your skills.
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Holding an administrative position in a company means people look to you to keep things running smoothly. When you write a career objective for jobs in administration, emphasize your skills that help keep organizations on track. The purpose of a career objective is to quickly tell a potential employer what you're all about and your professional goals. When writing an objective, include what field you're interested in and describe how you would like to use your skills to benefit the company. It's an opportunity to brag a little about yourself but also make it easy for a potential employer to determine if a job is right for you.

Focused on Organization

    If you have Martha Stewart-like organizational skills, focus on these attributes in your career objective. Administrative roles entail keeping track of many different items and events. You could juggle calling the copier repair person with getting that spreadsheet completed on time, while at the same time answering a12-line phone system. An example of a career objective focusing on organization is, "Seasoned administrator with excellent organizational skills looking for an opportunity with a growing company to multitask and streamline processes for the benefit of the company and co-workers."

Focused on Technology

    Perhaps mastering the latest in computer technology is your thing and you'd like to focus on that in your next administrative job. If so, use the career objective as a place to emphasize these skills to your future employer. Because administrators have their hands in a lot of different processes, an employer will appreciate that you know how to clear a computer virus, calculate a million different spreadsheet equations or know a special kind of software that makes really cool presentations. A career objective focused on technology you can consider is, "Computer-savvy administrative professional seeking a position with an innovative company that will benefit from an advanced knowledge of computer technology and software."

Focused on Practical Skills

    If no one can beat you at filing, answering the phone effectively or typing quickly, focus on these in your career objective. The nuts and bolts of an administrative job is processing files and producing materials that are necessary for a functioning office. An administrator is called upon to perform multiple tasks like pulling data for a report, typing it up, making copies and distributing it. When writing a career objective that focuses on practical skills, you can write something like, "Experienced administrator with seven years of growing office-related skills looking for a position that capitalizes on excellent skills in the areas of typing, filing and receptionist duties."

Focused on Problem Solving

    The purpose of administration is making sure things run smoothly. In order to accomplish this, it helps to be a good problem solver. For example, when the office is overcharged for printing supplies but the supplier won't budge, or the reports aren't back from the printer in time for that important afternoon meeting, the office administrator is looked for possible solutions. If you are a bit of a Houdini who can get out of any kind of jam, emphasize that in your career objective. A solid choice for a career objective focused on problem solving is, "Hard-working and creative office administrator seeks position with growing company where the ability to think outside-the-box and effectively solve everyday office issues is valued."

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