How to Ace a Tanning Salon Job Interview

Good sales skills are a necessity in a tanning salon job.
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Tanning salons give customers a golden brown, sun-kissed hue without the aid of the sun. Salon staffers are usually tanning advocates themselves and have a good working knowledge of equipment, products and rules and regulations governing the tanning industry. Prepare for your salon interview by writing a professional resume that highlights your tanning industry and retail sales experience. Arrive on time for your interview, dressed in professional attire.

Equipment Knowledge

    Knowledge of the tanning business is a good way to impress interviewers. Be prepared to discuss your understanding of different types of tanning equipment, including how the equipment works. Be able to recommend increments of tanning exposure per skin tone. You should know about bulb life recommendations and cleaning and disinfecting procedures. If the salon offers spray tans, be ready to talk about your experience helping patrons select appropriate shades and application amounts.

Tanning Products

    Most tanning salons feature a retail component where staffers are expected to promote and sell tanning lotions, accelerators, moisturizers and even accessories like protective glasses and body decals. Your knowledge about manufacturers and popular tanning products will demonstrate to hiring managers that you're well-educated and can be effective talking to consumers about the benefits of the shop's line of tanning products.

Sales and Customer Service

    Sales is a big component of a tanning salon job, as you’ll sell both tanning packages and retail products. Your skills of persuasion and your customer service approach are valued assets in this position, so win over interviewers by talking about sales strategies, past earning figures and your ability to up-sell or package products and services in a way that's effective for consumers. Be prepared to answer customer service questions related to past experiences with real life examples.

Health and Safety

    The tanning industry is regulated by state and federal laws. Staying current on health and safety guidelines is an essential part of the job, and being familiar with current regulations will help you impress hiring managers. Part of your job involves educating patrons about potential health and safety issues and getting them to sign off on appropriate paperwork before tanning. Good communication and people skills are required for this aspect of the job, so the more effective you are at presenting these skills in your interview, the better your chances for getting the position. Many states forbid people under age 18 from using tanning salons or require parental permission. Be prepared to discuss your knowledge of these regulations and how you would check customers' ages to stay within the law.

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