Accomplishments to Mention During an Interview

Mention accomplishments such as problems you solved or innovative ideas during interviews.
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Selling yourself through accomplishments is one of the most powerful tools you can use during an interview, according to Career Management Resources, especially if you mention accomplishments related to the open position. Relate your accomplishments through stories, explaining situations you faced, actions you took and results you achieved.


    If you recently graduated from college, even at 35 or 40, mention educational accomplishments on an interview. Discuss courses you took that relate to the job, and summarize what you learned. Talk about a class project in which you had a major role. For example, you might have created a brochure for the local zoo to fulfill requirements for an advertising course. Tell the hiring manager how the zoo manager liked the brochure, and how it was used for a major mailing campaign. Mention courses you got A's in; your high grades are, for sure, accomplishments.


    Mention any promotions you received on jobs, especially in your most recent position. Recent accomplishments tend to be more relevant to employers. Companies like to hire people who have been promoted, as it shows dedication and success. They may also need candidates who can learn their job duties quickly and get promoted within the first couple years.

Problems Solved

    Any problems you solved on previous jobs can also be used as accomplishments during interviews. Problem-solving skills are highly desired by employers. A problem solved can be something small, such as devising a project log to improve organization in your department. On a larger scale, you might have discovered which new flavors customers want for a new energy drink through consumer research surveys.

Innovative Ideas

    Innovative ideas are often huge accomplishments you can share on interviews. Innovations can pertain to a new service you recommended and implemented at a company, or a new product you created and introduced to the market. As a toy factory engineer, you might have developed a new robotic system to facilitate the production of toys. Again, describe the situation and actions you took to create your nifty invention, and then convey the results you achieved.

Accomplishments That Led to Results

    Mentioning accomplishments that impacted results can be highly convincing to interviewers. However, make sure your results are measurable. For example, as a first-year sales rep, you might have increased sales 15 percent in your region. If you are a marketing executive, a 10 percent gain in market share is highly impressive. Think of all the projects you worked on that produced measurable results, and relate your accomplishments through stories.

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