Abdominal Exercise Equipment for People Who Hate to Exercise

Select equipment to make fitness fun.
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Time and time again we are told that if we really want to get in shape and lose weight our best bet is simply to exercise and eat right. The good news is that even if you are one of the many people out there who just hate to workout, but still want to, you have options. By selecting exercise equipment that is simple, effective and fun, it won't even feel like you are working out!

Playground Ball

Head out to the garage, shed or local superstore and grab a slightly deflated playground ball. Placing the ball between the thighs for abdominal exercises is a simple way to target the deep abdominals while working the thighs and glutes as well. For a simple crunch, lie on your back with your knees bent and the ball between your thighs. As you crunch up, focus on bringing your ribcage towards the hips and squeezing into the ball from the inner thighs.

TRX Suspension Trainer

Abdominal work with the TRX Suspension Trainer is a simple and fun way to focus on the core. The long straps of this suspension training system allow you to use your body weight at certain angles for an efficient workout. Try holding the straps with the TRX behind you for V-ups or putting your feet in the straps for planks. As you work to perfect the movements and get the balance down you will totally forget you are exercising!

Abdominal Machine

Just sit and press, it's that simple! Locate the abdominal machine within the circuit machines at a fitness facility. Adjust the seat hight so the bar is directly over your chest. Beginning with light weight, gently hold on to the bar and press it down focusing on using the abdominals. As you bring the bar back up, move with control to work the core in both directions. For an added, burn try little pulses at the bottom of the movement.

Pilates Reformer

Due to the slow controlled movements and the incorporation of stretching, the Pilates Reformer is a great machine for those who really hate to exercise. Locate a certified instructor at a local gym or studio to learn the basics of the machine and proper form. Pilates can help strengthen the entire body while simultaneously working the abdominals and improving flexibility. If a reformer is not available try a mat Pilates class at a gym or studio.

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