Mid-Back Stretches

Stretching can help alleviate mid-back pain.

Stretching can help alleviate mid-back pain.

Your mid-back can become sore for a number of reasons. Stress, excessive standing and lifting heavy objects can all make your mid-back ache. One way to relieve pain or loosen tight muscles is stretching. These stretches can be done at home or at the office, any time your back is giving you trouble. Simply make sure that your muscles are conditioned before you start by warming up with light activity such as walking or jogging for five to 10 minutes.

Advanced Spinal Twist

To do an advanced spinal twist, sit down on the floor or exercise mat with your left leg stretched out in front of you and the right leg bent. Place the foot of the right leg beside the outer portion of your left knee. Wrap your left arm around your right leg, just below the knee, and place your right hand behind you for balance and inhale. Twist your upper body to the right using your waist. Exhale as you twist, using the arm wrapped around your leg to pull you just a little more to the right. Hold the stretch for five to 30 seconds. Remember to breathe normally as you hold the stretch. Repeat the stretch using the other side of your body.

Cat Stretch

The Cat Stretch is also known as the Cat pose in yoga. To do the Cat Stretch, get down on your hands and knees. Make sure that your spine is straight and you are looking down at the ground. Inhale as you pull your mid-back toward the ceiling and your chin down to your chest. You should look like a cat with a bowed back. Hold the stretch for five to 30 seconds and breath normally as you hold the pose. Lower your back down into starting position slowly.

Cross-Legged Spine Stretch

The cross-legged spine stretch is done by sitting down on the floor with your legs crossed at the knee with each foot under the opposite knee. Place your hands behind your hips on the floor and sit up straight with your stomach drawn inward. Exhale while sliding your hands forward and rolling your spine forward, slowly bending your torso forward. Try to get your forehead as close to the floor as possible and hold the stretch from five to 30 seconds while breathing normally. Inhale as you roll your spine back into sitting position.

Spine Lengthener

While the other exercises focused on floor stretches, this stretch allows you to do it while standing. Simply stand up straight, looking straight ahead of you with your chin parallel to the floor. Inhale as you imagine the top your head being pulled toward the ceiling. Exhale as you stretch your neck and spine upwards while drawing your shoulder blades together. While breathing normally, hold the stretch for five to 30 seconds.


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