How to Maintain Customer Satisfaction for a Call Center Interview

Customer service reps in call centers use their voices to convey confidence and empathy.

Customer service reps in call centers use their voices to convey confidence and empathy.

People who work in call centers make and receive phone calls to and from customers and contacts in fields as varied as retail, quality assurance and the social sciences. One of the greatest hurdles for those who work in call centers is to provide excellent customer service without being able to see clients. When you go to a job interview at a call center, you can count on having to answer questions regarding how you would maintain excellent customer service. Concentrate on your ability to remain calm and confident while on the phone, especially when dealing with callers who might be difficult.

Remaining Confident

It's important to sound confident and calm while on the phone with customers. When dealing with normal orders or questionnaires, this can be quite easy. It becomes more difficult, however, when a customer has a complaint or feels rushed. By raising your voice or increasing the speed with which you talk, you can end up escalating an already tense conversation. In your job interview, explain that you would show customers you are in control by speaking in a slow, measured tone. The key is not to take a customer's irritation personally. It's your job to restore a customer's faith in your company.

Being Efficient

Tell your interviewer that a key way to maintain customer satisfaction is to take as little time as possible. Talk about how you would put your customer on hold when performing computer functions so that you can concentrate. Also explain that you would check in with your caller if you had him on hold for too long. When a customer is kept on hold for five or 10 minutes, he might feel you have forgotten he's on the line.

Practice Empathy

Your interviewer will want to know you practice empathy to remind your customer that an interaction really is just one person talking to another. This is important since phone conversations can seem impersonal. If a customer is irritated, remind her that you understand and that you have even been in a similar situation yourself and you know how frustrating it can be. Instead of becoming defensive by telling a customer what she doesn't understand, agree that her complaint is justified and that you will fix the problem.

Using Knowledge

Inform your job interviewer that knowledge about your customer and her needs are essential elements to providing good customer service in any scenario. When it comes to satisfying customers from a call center, you should listen to your customer for clues about she needs. For example, a customer who seems to be hard of hearing might need you to speak slowly and very clearly. A customer who seems to be in a rush, on the other hand, might want only essential information. In other words, tell your interviewer that you have the ability to read your customer's needs.

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