Cycling Vs. Blading

Inline skating provides less impact to your joints than jogging.

Inline skating provides less impact to your joints than jogging.

If you're looking for a new workout to get you out of the house and give you a little "me time" in the fresh air, cycling and inline skating are both worthy of your consideration. The two types of exercise have a multitude of benefits, so next time the kids are fighting and dinner's boiling over, leave your husband in charge, grab your bike or blades and hit the road.


If you're struggling to decide between taking up cycling versus inline skating, also called rollerblading or blading, consider the ease of each sport. Although the fitness benefits are important, it's ideal if you can enjoy the process, otherwise, you can just invest more time grunting through a workout on the gym's elliptical machine. Most people have ridden a bicycle at some point in life, and the saying about the ease of relearning the activity is true. Inline skating can be more of a challenge to pick up, but if you've ice skated in the past, you'll find the two activities remarkably similar.


Cycling is the more versatile of the two sports, as you can ride your bike along virtually any type of terrain. If you live in an urban setting, cruise along the streets of your neighborhood or zip along the gravel trail of a nearby park. Even if you live 25 miles from asphalt, it's easy to cycle along a gravel road. Inline skating requires a smooth, paved surface, making it a challenge if you live in the country. Paved roads and sidewalks are perfect for inline skating, but try skating on a dirt or gravel road and your next stop will be the medicine cabinet to get some bandages.

Fitness Benefits

Whether you opt for cycling or inline skating, you'll get a significant workout, especially in your lower body. An added benefit to each sport is that the harder you push, the better workout you get. In addition to improving your cardiovascular fitness levels, cycling tones your thighs, calves and buns. Inline skating works the lower body's muscles, but if you pump your arms while moving, you'll also build muscle and burn fat in your back, arms and shoulders. Although both sports provide less of an impact than jogging, cycling has virtually no impact, making it desirable if you have sore knee or ankle joints.

Calorie Burning

Of course, knowing which sport helps you burn the most calories also weighs into your decision. The calories each person burns in any given activity are unique to her; you and your best friend are different, thus you won't burn the same number of calories while doing the same exercise. Still, inline skating provides a better calorie-burning workout than cycling. A 130 pound person who inline skates for an hour will burn between 700 and 750 calories, whereas the same person cycling lightly will burn between 300 and 350 calories, according to and

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