How to Build Biceps With Resistance Tubes

Training with resistance tubes can strengthen and firm up your arms.

Training with resistance tubes can strengthen and firm up your arms.

Joining a gym can be pricey and may be inconvenient for those who work, travel and take care of a family at the same time. Having a set of resistance tubing -- strong, elastic rubber tubes with a handle attached to each end -- provides you with a portable and inexpensive way to firm up and strengthen your arms, including your biceps. With regular training -- about three nonconsecutive days a week -- you can fight flabby arms and increase your confidence.

Items you will need

  • Medium-strength resistance tubing

Standing Arm Curls

Step 1

Hold one end of the tubing with each hand. Put the ball of your right foot on the middle of the tubing to anchor it in place. Put your hands by your sides with your hands facing forward.

Step 2

Exhale as you curl your arms up taking two seconds for the movement with your elbows bent just beyond 90 degrees. Keep your knees slightly bent.

Step 3

Inhale as you lower your arms, taking three or four seconds to return to the starting position. Perform two or three sets of 10 to 12 reps.


  • Vary your biceps workout either by using a stronger tubing, doing the exercise with one arm, or doing it with alternating arms, where one arm flexes while the other one extends.


  • Stop if you experience pain during the workout. Check with your health-care provider before continuing to train. Check the tubing for tears before using it.

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